Contemplations on the Subjects of Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit — The Nature of Reality, Life, the Universe, and Everything

life-universe-everythingA few months ago I decided to do a writing exercise in which I adopted the perspective of a wise and all-knowing version of myself communicating some insight and advice to the less-experienced present-version of me.

I often like to contemplate the nature of reality, and I was clearly doing so in this little exercise. I thought I might as well just share it here on my blog, too. Why not?

Truth be told, though, I’m a little self-conscious about sharing it. It’s full of “woo woo” stuff, and I generally don’t feel very comfortable sharing that side of myself. I guess it’s because I fear some sort of negative judgement. But heck, this was simply a creative writing exercise. I like to use my imagination. And just because I can do that and write from a place of mystery doesn’t mean I literally believe that the universe came into being because some magical unicorns farted some love-rainbows or something. …I gotta learn to not be so serious all the time! 😉

All silliness aside though, even Einstein himself placed strong value on imagination and the mysterious, yet he obviously possessed a great scientific mind as well. That being the case, I strongly believe it must be possible to simultaneously explore these two seemingly opposing realms — imagination and science — without one necessarily nullifying the other. (…Does this make any sort of sense? I hope it does.)

In any case, here’s the result of that little creative exercise from a few months back. (I’m just going to copy and paste it as I originally wrote it; it’s not that eloquent since it mostly consists of shorter notes, so I hope anyone reading this doesn’t mind the its non-edited nature). I’d be delighted if you happen to find it intriguing, inspiring, or even just something interesting to ponder upon.

How do you tend to perceive the nature and purpose of life, reality, the universe, and everything?

Contemplations on the Subjects of Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit —
The Nature of Reality, Life, the Universe, and Everything:

We want to understand. Ourselves, the universe, our surroundings; each other. We want to know how things work. We want to learn, grow, and predict. We want to explore. We want to be intrigued, inspired. To learn and grow in knowledge is to learn about ourselves, know ourselves, expand ourselves.

It is true we are made of matter and vibrating particles. It is all alive. Your love is what gives you life. Any change you want to see in your body, must be blessed with love and deep, immense gratitude and appreciation. Accept your body unconditionally. Love your body. It is strong for you and it will grow even stronger with your unwavering love and kindness. Eat with love, drink with love, move with love, grace, ease, and kindness. Your body is a reflection of your relationship with you and You.

Heart / Love / Emotions:
Practice high vibrations and love, acceptance, unconditional, and unwavering. Know love, without question. Be confident in that love. Yield to its strength. Love is simultaneously vulnerable yet the greatest power there is. Love is all. It’s what has sparked the universe into being.

Spirit / Soul / Desire / Calling:
You may have had an intention upon arriving here in this body. But you also have free will. That is the magic of existence on this plane. You are love and you are power. You can create anything, be anything, do anything, have anything.

Explore your values and your alignment. You will know what moves and stirs you most as your emotions, love, will signal to you that which is most important to you. Find a way you can tap into that feeling and transmute it to transform the world through you. You are the projector, your will and love is the message you project through light, and the world, your physical reality, is what you see — it’s what you’re projecting. Both the World, and You, are light. Inner and outer.

Reality is a mirror that reflects back unto itself. It echoes continuously. We warp the mirror, shape the mirror. But we also change the nature of the light and image reflected in the mirror. (i.e. the light the you project.) It interacts with each other, reflecting back to one another. Both are necessary for each to exist. And time is the illusion necessary for growth. It’s here as our tool to be our learning playground. It’s fun to get to learn about ourselves, to know ourselves. Time is the greatest invention, the cornerstone for this physical reality. It is an illusion, yet it is real. Mostly, it is just fun. 😉

Imagine life without time. All possibilities, all life, love, everything, exist in full knowing. Time is a cross section of knowing (knowing and not knowing; i.e. learning. expanded and expanding; i.e. growing. Time is the key ingredient needed to deliberately create.) Eternally expanding towards full knowing. The eternity of all focused in exploring is what caused this space-time-reality to come into being.

Love exists outside of time; it permeates all throughout time, and beyond. Love is the basis for the unification of all physical theories.

Your calling is very much the calling of the universe. Love. Knowing. Understanding. Sharing. Connecting. Joy. Experience. Oneness is of course part of this. Just as time stands separate from the whole, so are you as individuals, separate from the whole. It’s a temporary (and temporal) illusion necessary for reflection. Quite literally.

Write your stories. Share Truth. Perform. Sing. Connect. Shine. And be Joyous. You will Expand the Light in those who cross your path. You will ignite and spark a movement that will, in time, affect many worldwide, helping to shape, create and expand this World towards a greater connecting, understanding, and loving place.

Peace, and Namaste.


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