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Take A Shitty Day & Make It AWESOME!

how to have the best day everIf there is only one thing you can do to ensure your happiness while here on this planet, it would be to follow your bliss. Be, do, think and follow those states of being, actions and thoughts that result in your own personal sense of joyful bliss and well being.

Feeling shitty? That’s okay. As Forest Gump will tell you, “It happens.” But do you want to stop feeling shitty? Then simply think of something else. Do something else!

It’s okay to recognize and acknowledge that shitty feeling – it just means you’ve momentarily wondered off your path of bliss – and knowing that is actually a wonderful thing. Once you realize, “Hey, I’m not feeling great. I must’ve taken a wrong turn off my path of bliss,” all you need to do to feel blissful again is find your way back onto that blissful path!

But if all you do is focus on the fact that you inadvertently veered off your path and accidentally stepped in a pile of shit on the side of the road, and all you do is think how much it sucks that you stepped in that shit, how much it stinks, how gross it looks, and how are you ever going to get it off your shoes? And how unfair or unlucky you must be to have stepped in shit in the first place… and how this shit has ruined your day (and your shoe)…. then guess what? You’re going to feel shitty! Why would you do that to yourself??? Why would you choose to keep focusing on the shit???

Sure, you stepped in some shit. Big deal. It happens. But if you take a moment to shift your focus away from the fact that there’s crap on your shoe, you might instead notice that it’s a beautiful day outside… You might notice how beautiful the trees sound as their leaves dance in the wind… You might notice the cheerful chattering of chirping birds… You might notice insects gently whizzing by…. You might notice the brilliant sunshine warming your soft skin.

You might notice that the sun is millions of miles away, and yet its presence makes life on Earth possible.

You might think about the fact that the sun was formed billions of years ago, and how long it’s been here.

You might think about the trillions of cells in your body, and how they all work together so that you can be here to consciously experience the result of those billions of years of collaboration amongst the elements.

You might notice that life is absolutely brilliant, astounding, and amazing.

…And then you might notice your heart is radiating with blissful joy. Even if there happens to be shit on your shoe.

And then you might wonder, “Why am I still standing in poo?”

And then you might conclude that the mere existence of shit is actually pretty amazing, even if it happens to smell.

And then you might decide, “I’m going to step out of this crap and wipe it off on the grass. And then I’m going to leave it behind.”

…And then you might observe yourself walking away and continuing about your day, filled with peace, happiness, amazement, wonder, astounding joy and riveting bliss.

(And all because you happened to step in a pile of shit! How wonderful!!!) 😉