A Note to Self: A Reminder of Love

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Something I’ll do from time to time is write letters or notes to myself. It’s kind of like automatic writing, I suppose. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it feels like when I write in this way, it’s like I’m tapping into a place of higher wisdom. After time has passed and I stumble upon one of these notes that I wrote to myself in the past, I’m often surprised to realize these words came out of me!

Maybe I’m tapping into something connecting to the greater whole, something that binds us to All That Is. Maybe it’s intuition. Maybe it’s my imagination. Whatever it is, I quite enjoy writing from this place.

Since I usually find these “Letters to Self” helpful, I thought perhaps others might find such notes helpful as well, and so I thought I might as well share them. …If we really are all one on some level, then anything I write to and for myself might also be seen as writing to and for you, too!

I hope these words find you well and lift you up in some way.

With greatest love,


Dearest Self,

You are loved.

You are also limitless.

Don’t let perceived limitations get you down.

The key is to always remember you are LOVE (and you are ONE, for love and oneness are two facets of the same crystaline jewel).

Love yourself, love your inherent oneness to/with others and your piece in the greater whole.

A cancer cell infects other cells, like a virus.

Be the polar opposite of a cancer cell… you are a cell of light.

Regular healthy cells are relatively neutral.

You can be a cell of light in that your nature, your love, your light can be infectious and spread light, healing, awareness, love, purity of purpose and joy to others.

All there is is love (as the Beatles song goes), so recognize the great inherent power in that love.

Share your love. Embody your love.

And you will embody great power.

…For there is no greater power beyond that of love.

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