“First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

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unADULTeRATED LOVEunADULTeRATED LOVE - Rachelle Fordyce - Edmonton Fringe 2014 - 600px by 600px
is a 1-Act solo clown show, created and performed by Rachelle Fordyce, to be performed at the 33rd Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival in 2014.

The One & Only…
Fizzy Tiff!

…and YOU!

As not only will there be audience participation…
The 4th wall is pretty much thrown out the window!

Content is gonna be HAWT!

Audience Participation
Awkward Content
Adult Language

…But all in a sexy kind of way. 😉

Mature (yet FUN!) and Open Audience
Ages 16+




Show Teaser:

NOT-single(!) white female
bi hawt female.

Threesome fling
with husband-to-be.

me + 2 = true love for3v3r



From 2010 London Fringe’s Most Daring Show, and 2010 Winnipeg Fringe’s Best of Fest, unADULTeRATED me:

“Hilarity, poignancy, triumph… one of the best Fringe shows I’ve ever seen.”
★★★★★ (A+) –UPTOWN

“Fordyce drops jaws… Powerful, naked, honest humanity.”
★★★★★ –StarPhoenix

“Rachelle Fordyce delights… in this touching, expertly delivered show.”
★★★★ –Eye Weekly


@ The 2014 Edmonton Fringe International Theatre Festival!Fizzy clown kiss

Ticket Price: $12.50

Venue #7 — YardBird Suite
11 Tommy Banks Way

Show Length: 65min

Performances :
Fri 15-Aug @ 11:00 PM
Tue 19-Aug @ 2:30 PM
Wed 20-Aug @ 9:00 PM
Thu 21-Aug @ 4:30 PM
Fri 22-Aug @ 7:00 PM
Sat 23-Aug @ 12:30 PM

See you there!

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