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Hello. My Name Is: “Work In Progress”

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo

I have a desire to revamp my life, career, and social circles in a BIG way, and I pretty much want all of it to revolve around authenticity, growth, creativity, and empowerment. And love… Always LOVE.

I did a new show this past summer. It wasn’t really ready when opening rolled around. Yikes! But I performed anyway, and… that opening performance was barely okay. Definitely not great. I had messed up the timing in a big, big way and ended up having to cut out some really important pieces of the play that add more depth and heart (and without it, the play doesn’t really work). And, of course, it just so happens I was reviewed on that opening late afternoon performance. *facepalm*

It seems this is always my horrid luck — to get reviewed on the very first performance of a brand new show or production. It’s happened countless times, and I hate it. It was a pretty harsh review, too… but alas, I digress; the past is the past.

But I bring up this play to share a few things. First off, although the first performance was decidedly… shall we say, in need of vast improvement, many (most, actually) of the following performances went rather well! Some were perhaps even great! The reason being is that I would continue to experiment and improve the show with each performance.

Recently I’ve come to realize what kinds of creative techniques or approaches work best for me, and it doesn’t involve meticulous planning and research and routine and taking little steps each day that will progressively and ultimately result in my greatest creative work. …Nope. Perhaps that approach works for many, but I can’t seem to make myself do it — that’s not how my creative output thrives.

I’m my best creative self under pressure. I need a deadline. (Granted, I had a deadline for my show in the summer, but a deadline is only one of the components necessary for my ideal action strategy.) But I also need to bounce ideas off of people. I need to create something fast, and then present it, and then tweak it, and repeat the process until I have something I love.

What’s funny though is that I have been fearful to use such an approach… I have this strange hang-up when it comes to sharing a work in progress. Maybe it was based on a fear of being judged for something that I knew was incomplete and imperfect; or maybe it was a fear of being too vulnerable, inviting my raw creative self to be viewed and judged during a very fragile process that is creation. It could be both of these things, and maybe even something else too.  …Hell, I remember even after going through a full 4-year university education majoring in theatre and drama, I was still often hypersensitive about rehearsing anywhere where I might be overheard. And so I’d often whisper during rehearsal, which is really quite stupid unless the scene actually involves whispering.

I want to get rid of this weird hang-up or phobia or whatever one might call it. I want to conquer it. And I think one way of accomplishing that would be to start making videos and publishing them online via either Vimeo or YouTube. …And even better, it would involve needing to adhere to deadlines with time pressure and public accountability. What better way to conquer this hang-up than by committing to a video challenge?

I’m not sure if I should commit to a 10, 20/21, or 30 day video challenge – the challenge being to record and publish a video online every day. I’m also not yet sure when will be the best time to carry out such a challenge, but I’d definitely like to do it sometime in early 2018 — perhaps even January 2018. (Although, I’m also wanting to commit to some screenplay writing challenges earlier in the new year too, so that’s why I’m not sure if jumping into this challenge at the top of 2018 will be the best idea. It might, so I’m not completely writing off the idea… but I want to give it some thought and planning first before I jump into. …So we’ll see!)

Anyway, consider this as an official announcement that I will be undertaking a video challenge sometime in early 2018. 🙂 I’ll figure out further details and announce when soon. (…My first videos will undoubtedly suck (lol), so I hope you’ll bear with me as I navigate through this new (to me) territory.)

AND, if you don’t hear from relatively soon regarding an update on this, please bug me in the comments! …I’d sincerely appreciate it! 😉

(MINI) DEMON OF DEATH: A New Interactive Comedy

I’ve been super duper busy trying to get everything together for my new show, (MINI) DEMON OF DEATH! (What a fun title, right?)

It’s hard to believe opening is just under a week away. Goodness, time is slipping away like sands through an hourglass…  AND SO ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES! 😉

Seriously though, the reason for this posting is so I can share something I wrote up that I sent out to various media sources and post it here as well.

I suppose you can call it press release of sorts, but in this case since I’m posting it here to my blog… would that make it a blog-release? Ha ha. …Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. 😉

Anyway, in my writeup below I refer to myself in the 3rd person, as is often practiced in these sort of things as I far as I’m aware. I hope it doesn’t sound too odd! (But I’m sort of odd myself, so either way, I suppose it’s a win-win!)

…Apparently my quirkiness is in full throttle mode today. Clearly I am very busy and stressed!

With that said, and without further ado… as previously promised in my last blog post, you can find out more about what to expect from (MINI) DEMON OF DEATH below… Enjoy! <3


(MINI) DEMON OF DEATH, an interactive comedy produced, created and performed by Fringe veteran and local Rachelle Fordyce, premiers at the 30th annual International Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival with daily performances July 19-30 at Fringe Venue #17 – Prairie Theatre Exchange’s Colin Jackson Studio.

The tagline for the 30th annual International Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, “Nothing is for sure, everything is possible”, is sure to ring true with the interactive nature of (MINI) DEMON OF DEATH, perhaps more so than any other show at this year’s festival.

In (MINI) DEMON OF DEATH, the audience meets and interacts with Death.

Saucy, seductive, and bitterly sweet, Death has temporarily person-ified (or demon-ified) herself into a body, allowing her for the first time to interact with humans, i.e. the audience, while they’re still alive.

Death incarnates under the premise that she’s here to tally man’s mortal (mis)deeds — a task normally reserved for the recently departed in their formal end-of-life review. But it turns out she has other motives as well.

She’s been watching humans evolve from the very beginning. She’s fascinated by them. At times humanity can seem like a train-wreck; it’s tragic and gross but you can’t look away. Simultaneously, she can see humanity’s hopes, dreams, desires… The biological side of life can be rather strange, but when you get down to the core of the human condition, Death has nothing but love and hope for humanity, although she may be reluctant to show it at first.

In (MINI) DEMON OF DEATH, Fordyce explores various topics, from the birth of the Universe at the moment of creation, aka: The Big Bang, life, evolution, the fate of humanity, and the ephemeral nature of all things; essentially: Life, the Universe, and Everything. More so, she wants to explore what drives us, i.e. humanity, to do what we do.

Due to the interactive nature of the show and the inherent improvisation that goes hand-in-hand with this style, each performance will be a unique never-to-be-repeated event in the spacetime continuum.

(MINI) DEMON OF DEATH marks Rachelle Fordyce’s seventh self-created solo Fringe show, and her fourth interactive show. Her participation in this year’s festival marks her ninth time performing at the Winnipeg Fringe after a five-year absence, and her first time producing as a BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) production.

To purchase tickets online for (MINI) DEMON OF DEATH, please visit HERE.
In person at RMTC Box Office, 174 Market Avenue
Venue #17 – PTE Colin Jackson ~2 hours prior to show.

Fringe Venue #17
Colin Jackson Studio
Prairie Theatre Exchange
3rd Floor Portage Place
393 Portage Ave

Wednesday, July 19 – 5:30pm
Thursday, July 20 – 3:15pm
Friday, July 21 – 10:00pm
Saturday, July 22 – 7:00pm
Sunday, July 23 – 7:45pm
Monday, July 24 – 4:45pm
Tuesday, July 25 – 9:45pm
Wednesday, July 26 – 4:00pm
Thursday, July 27 – 9:15pm
Friday, July 28 – 7:45pm
Saturday, July 29 – 3:45pm
Sunday, July 30 – 5:15pm

Rachelle Fordyce first performed at the Winnipeg Fringe in the year 2001 as part of University of Winnipeg’s production Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (which also performed at MTC’s annually recurring winter Master Playwright Festival).

Some of Fordyce’s other productions include S.M.I.L.E. while you D.I.E. (CAFF lotto-winner tour 2005), Daniel MacIvor’s Wild Abandon, and unADULTeRATED me (CAFF lotto-winner tour 2010).
Most recently, Rachelle Fordyce was responsible for inviting premiere Buffon performer
Eric Davis of Red Bastard fame to teach a bouffon workshop in Winnipeg this past spring.
The workshop was produced in association with PTE School.

See you at the Fringe! <3